The Brightbill Postcard Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
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Publisher Codes & Addresses:

This list defines the publisher codes George Brightbill used in cataloguing the collection. It is ordered alphabetically:

Table of Codes


A&S  ?   APC Art Postcard Company, Philadelphia
AARC American Art Reproduction Co., Red Bank, NJ   APCC Artvue Post Card Company, New York
AAS Art Advertising Service, Philadelphia   APMC American Pearl Manufacturing Company, Phildelphia and NY
AAW American Art Works, West Haven, Connecticut   APP Acme Press, Philadelphia
AC Albertype Company, Brooklyn   AQS  
ACBC A. C. Bosselman and Company, New York   ARPCC Architectural Post Card Company, Philadelphia
ACC Art Color Company, Philadelphia   ASI Arthur Strauss, Inc., New York
ACME Acme Press   ASP A. Schneider, Philadelphia
ACT Arthur Capper, Topeka, Kansas   ASPC Acme Sales Promotion Company, Philadelphia
AHAPC American Historical Art Publishing Company, New York   ATFC A.T.F. Company, Chicago
ALB Albertype Company, Brooklyn   AVI American Views, Inc., New York
ALC Alpine Company, Philadelphia   AMSVC Arcade Machine and Supply Company, Philadelphia
AMES Ames Studio, Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA   ANCC Acme Novelty and Calendar Company, New York
 AMG A. M. Godshall, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia      
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BACC Busse Art Card Company, Philadelphia BPP Biddle Press, Philadelphia
BAPC Brooklyn Art Publishing Company   BPPCC Buffalo Paper and Post Card Company, Philadelphia
BECK Beck Engraving/Gravure, Philadelphia   BSRC B.S. Reynolds, Washington, DC
BMP Bkruno Mann, Philadelphia   BUFF Buffalo Aluminum Company
BPCC Brody Post Card Company, Philadelphia   BWGD B. Wallace Green, Druggist, Holmesburg, Philadelphia
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CB Contole Brothers, Philadelphia CH Continental Hotel, Philadelphia
CBP Crumbie Brothers, Philadelpkhia   CHURCH Churchman Company, New York
CC Chilton Printing Company, Philadelphia   CNC Central News Company, Philadelphia
CCA C.C. Abel, Philadelphia   CNP Continental Press, Philadelphia
CCGM Curhan Company, Gloucester, Mass   CPB Colourpicture, Boston, MA
CCNJ Collotype Company, Elizabeth, NJ   CTC Curt Teich and Company, Chicago
CCNY Churchan Company, New York      
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DBL Davidson Brothers, London and New York DPC Detroit Photographic Company
DC Dreer Company, Chilton Printing Company   DPCC Douglass Post-Card (& Machine) Company, Philadelphia
DEX Dexter Press, West Nyack, NY   DSDI Descendents of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
DORM Dorm Publishing Company, 908 Walnut Street, Philadelphia      
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E&DL Edwards and Deutsch Litho Company, Chicago, IL ENP Charles H. Elliott Company, North Philadelphia
ECKC E. C. Kropp Company, Milwaukee   ENPMA Eastern National Park and Monument Association
EDGS Engraving Divisiion, Geological Survey   ESC Edward Stern and Company, Philadelphia
EFC E. Frey and Company, New York   EXCEL  
EMP E. Moebius Phototype, Camden, NJ      
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FDS Frankford Dispatch Newspaper, Philadelphia   FSAP F. S. Avil, Philadelphia
FH Franz Huld, New York   FVB F. Von Bardeleben, New York & Germany
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G&S G & S Polychrome, New York   GLT George L. Thompson
GAP     GNF G.N. Falkenstein
GAW George A. Wolf, Wilmington   GPS Grogan Photo System, Inc., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
GCC Gragor-Connery Company   GRB Greenebaum Brothers
GEM G. E. Mousley   GSHS George S. Harris and Sons, New York
GHS Germantown Historical Society, Philadelphia   GWH George W. Hales, Philadelphia
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HACP Historical Art Company, Philadelphia   HOMB Haydon Ord Merrill, Bywood, Upper Darby, PA
HCUP Houston Club, Philadelphia   HOME Home Publishing Company, Philadelphia
HCLC Hugh C. Leighton Company, Portland, Maine   HOUSE Household Post Card Club, Topeka, Kansas
HEB Harry E. Boucher, Willow Grove Park   HPCC Helios Post Card Company
HEHC H.E. Houck and Company, Baltimore, Maryland   HPCS Hales Post Card Shop, Philadelphia
HHBC Horn and Hardart Baking Company, Philadelphia   HPPS Hotel Philadelphian Print Shop, Philadelphia
HHC Henry Heininger Company, New York   HSJ H. S. Jacobs
HLW Helen Louise Woerner, Philadelphia   HTW H.T. White & Company, Philadelphia
HOLM Holmes Press, Philadelphia   HWG H. Wallace Green, Druggist, Holmesburg
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I&MO I. & M. Ottenheimer, Baltimore, MD   IPCC Illustrated Post Card Company
IAPC International Art Publishing Company, New York & Berlin   IPCN Ives Process Company, New York
ICNA Insurance Company of North America   ISN Independent Service, New York
ICPCC Inter-Coll. Post Card Company, Philadelphia   ISPCC Imprint-Souvenir Post Card Company, New York
IMP Imperial (Made in Germany)      
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JAB J.A. Broatch, Middletown, CN   JHT Joseph H. Tisdall, Philadelphia
JBA John Bartram Association, Philadelphia   JKN J. Koehler, New York
JBN Julius Bandes, New York   JMC J.M. Canfield, Publisher
JDC John D. Cardinell, Official Publisher, Sesqui Centennial   JMJ  J. Murray Jordan, Philadelphia
JHA J.H.Avil, Philadelphia   JMWP J. McLaughlan, Woodside Park, Philadelphia
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KPCC Keystone Post Card Company, Philadelphia      
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L&B Leeds & Biddle   LPN Lumitone Photoprint, New York
LC Lithochrome   LUTZ Karl Lutz, Philadelphia
LHB Lynn H. Boyer, Philadelphia and Wildwood   LVC Leighton and Valentine Company, New York
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MCPC Manhattan Card Publishing Company   MNC Metropolitan News Company, Boston and Germany
MGC Meriden Gravure Company, Meriden, Connecticut   MSP Mercantile Studio, 4130 Haverford Avenue, Philadelphia
MLB Maryland Litho, Baltimore, Maryland   MTP MacTaggart Prints, Philadelphia
MLM  M. L. Metrochrome   MZE Max Zeitler, Engraver, Philadelphia
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NAVC National Art Views Company, New York   NPI Nostalgia Productions, Inc, Philadelphia
NDSC National Drug Stores Corporation    NRCC  
NEW Newvochrome   NROP Nora R. Ohl, Philadelphia
NPCC National Post Card Company, Philadelphia      
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OSB O. S. Bunnell, Philadelphia   OSLN Osborne Ltd, New York
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P&C Philips & Company, Philadelphia   PMA Philadelphia Museum of Art
PAA Philadelphia Art Alliance   PMSI Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, Philadelphia
PAC Philadelphia Art Company, Philadelphia   POLY Polychrome
PAFA Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia   PPCC-1 Philadelphia Postal Card Company, Philadelphia
PAPC Photo and Art Publishing Company, Philadelphia   PPCC-2 Philadelphia Postalcard Company, Philadelphia
PAPCC Photo and Art Postal Card Company, New York   PPCC-3 Philadelphia Post Card Company, 124 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia
PCA Penny Concert Association, East Baptist Church,Philadelphia   PPS Process Photo Studios, Chicago
PCBF Plastic Club Building Fund, Philadelphia   PS-1 P. Sander, Philadelphia and Atlantic City [PS in steeple]
PCDC Post Card Distributing Company, Philadelphia   PS-2 same [Sanders Art Series in liberty bell]
PCPA Publishers Circulation Promotion Association,Pittsburg   PS-3 same [eagle with shield]
PCUA Post Card Union of America, Philadelphia   PS-4 P. Sander, New York
PENN Penn Art Post Card Company, Philadelphia   PSDW Philadelphia School of Design for Women
PGP P. Gritzmann, Philadelphia   PSFS Philadelphia Saving Fund Society
PHM Philip H. Moore, Germantown, Philadelphia/Media   PSN P. Snyder
PHSG Philadelphia High School for Girls   PSS Pelham Stationery Store, 6646 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia
PL Public Ledger   PTPCC Photo-Type Post Card Company, Philadelphia
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QCPC Quaker City Post Card Company, Philadelphia   QPS Quaker Photo Service, Philadelphia
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RAS Rau Art Studios, Inc., Philadelphia   RNS R. Newell and Son
RBC Riter Bros & Company, Philadelphia   ROC Rosin and Company, Philadelphia
RC Rotograph Company, New York   RPC Royal Publishing Company, 530 Locust St., Philadelphia
RESC Remington Supply Company   RSC Rose Company, Philadelphia
RJH R.J. Haig, Philadelphia/White City/Chestnut Hill   RTS Raphael Tuck and Sons, London
RMM Ruth Murray Miller, Philadelphia   RUT Rutkovski, 823 So. 2nd Street, Philadelphia
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S&C Strawbridge & Clothier, Philadelphia   SPCC Souvenir Post Card Company, New York
SBP Staton Brothers Publishers, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA   SPNC Standard Post Card and Novelty Company, Philadelphia
SCB Steelograph Company, Brooklyn, New York   SPRING Springfield Water Supply Company, Philadelphia
SHC Sabold-Herb Co., Philadelphia   SPS Sliker Photo Studio, Bridesburg, PA
SHFC Samuel H. French and Company   SQ Silbro Quality
SMC Saltzburg's Merchandise Company, 53 N. Third St., Philadelphia   SS Sun Studio
SMP Stephen Moylan Press, Whitford, Pa.   STA Standard Photo Service, Philadelphia
SPA "Seeing Philadelphia" Automobiles, Keith Theatre, Philadelphia   STEIN  Stein Photo
SPC Souvenir Publishing Company, Lynn, MA      
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TAC Taylor Art Company, Philadelphia   TQV Tichnor Quality Views
TC Tachochrom Compnay, Berlin, NY, Philadelphia      
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UAPC United Art Publishing Company   UPCC Union Post Card Company, Philadelphia
UMC Ullman Manufacturing Company, New York   UQCC Unique Post Card Company, Publisher and Importer
UNC Union News Company, New York      
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VS Valentine and Sons, New York      
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WBC William B. Cooper, Photographer, Medford, NJ   WMH William McK. Heath, Philadelphia
WGMF W. G. MacFarlane   WNJ William N. Jennings, 1305 Arch Street, Philadelphia
WHR William H. Rau, Philadelphia   WPCC World Post Card Company, Philadelphia
WHS W.H.S.   WPHI West Philadelphia Card Company
WLB William L. Burlock, Jr., Philadelphia   WRG  William R. Gordon, Philadelphia
WMC Wanamaker Mailing Card, 1861 - Golden Jubilee - 1911, Philadelphia   WWNY Walter Wirth, New York
WMCC Watling Mfg. Co., Chicago   WYF W. Yarwood, Frankford, Philadelphia
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XRAY X-Ray Studios, 200 N. 9th Street, 1216 N. 52nd Street, Philadelphia      
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ZELL Zellner Studio, 2914 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia   ZSP Zoological Society of Philadelphia
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