The Brightbill Postcard Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
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  • Broad St. Theatre, Broad and Spruce Sts., HCLC No. 5476 No. 20050
  • "Lobby," Earle Theatre, 11th and Market Streets, TQV 122685 [UB]


  • Hammerstein Opera House, No. 729
  • Philadelphia Opera House, ROC [TOB]
  • Hammerstein Opera House, <112>
  • Metropolitan Opera House (Hammerstein's), Broad & Poplar Streets, <2296>


  • Philadelphia Opera House and North Broad Street, SPCC <2243>


  • Entrance to Keith's Theatre, Chestnut St. between Eleventh & Twelfth Sts., <103> No. 103 [TOB]
  • Grand Entrance Hall and Staircase, Keith's Theatre, [BB]
  • The Balcony Music Room, Keith's Chestnut St. Theatre, [UB] [USB]
  • Crystal Lobby, Keith's Chestnut St. Theatre, [UB] [USB]


  • Crystal Lobby, Keith's Chestnut St. Theatre,[UB]
  • Lyric Theatre, Broad and Cherry Sts., HCLC No. 5497 No. 20071 [RB]
  • Keiths Million Dollar Theatre, No. 716 [RB]


  • Park Theatre, Broad and Fairmount Ave., HCLC No. 20065
  • Park Theatre, Broad & Fairmount Avenues, LVC <214539>


  • Walnut St. Theatre (Oldest in America), No. 632 [RB]


  • Belmont Theatre, 52nd Street below Market, PAPC/ALB [RB]


  • One of the Reception Rooms in B.F. Keith's Theatre, [EB
  • Keith's New Theatre, APCC <230> [UB] [USB]


  • Walnut Street Theatre...The Girl Rangers,
  • Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, The Original Front erected 1808, [UB]

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