The Brightbill Postcard Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia
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Published in Philadelphia


  • [House and Garden], CC 1115
  • [Bend in Creek], PPCC-3 American Landscape Series 66
  • English Cottages, RSC [UB] [USB]
  • [Trees over Stream], PPCC-3 American Landscape Series 92


  • Our Martyred Presidents [Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley], RSC Educational Series No. 952 [USB]
  • Return of the Fisherman, RSC Art Series No. 234 [USB] CCP [Horse and Three Figures "C", "c", and "J" with verse, CC
  • ...'Tis True, Too Bad..."
  • ..."Under My Feet..."


  • A Merry Xmas from [Women inside Letters], [BB] [USB]
  • [2 Men on Bench, Sketch by E.V. Murray], [UB]
  • [2 Women on Bench, Sketch by B.G. Sharpless], [UB]
  • [Field with Row of Flowers], RMM


  • [Woman in Gown with Feather in Hair], DPCC Copyright 1897 J. Schloss [USB]
  • Laugh and the World laughs with You [2 men, 2 women with arms around each other, laughing], JMJ <211> Copyright 1905 [RB]
  • A Stroller on the Beach, PPCC-3 <189> [LB/BB] [USB]
  • A quiet Time at last, DPCC [UB] [USB]


  • Have been on the go [Sketch of Man chasing Hat], PPCC-3 [USB]
  • (Heartiest Congratulations) May your Troubles be Little Ones, DPCC [BB]
  • When the flowing Tide comes in, JMJ [BB] [USB]

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