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Buildings - Bartram House and Garden


  • Bartram Mansion Bartram Park, PPCC <No. 975> [BB]
  • Bartram's Garden, WPCC [BB] [USB]
  • Bartram's House, Bartram's Garden, CNC 7801 [BB] [USB]
  • [same], LC 92220 [UB] [USB]


  • <House of John Bartram>, MGC [TOB]
  • Bartram House, CNC 3660 [BB] [USB]
  • Bartram's Mansion, 1731 [Ad for M.J. Frizlens on Back], WPCC [RB/BB] [USB]


  • Bartram's House and Garden, JMJ <332> [UB] [USB]
  • House of John Bartram (1699-1777), [UB] [TOB]


  • Bartram's House and Garden, <332> [UB] [USB]
  • [same], <332> [UB] [USB]
  • [same], <332> [UB] [USB]
  • West Side of the Bartram House, JBA [UB] [USB]


  • East Front of the Bartram House, JBA [UB]
  • The Cypress in Bartram's Garden as it was Thirty Years ago, JBA [UB] [USB]
  • The Sitting-Room, JBA [UB] [USB]
  • In Bartram's Garden, showing the Lady Petre Pear-Tree, JBA [UB] [USB]


  • John Bartram from a Painting in Possession of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, JBA [TB/BB]
  • In Bartram's Garden. The Old Watering-Trough, JBA <Garden of John Bartram>, MGC

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