Mower1: Entrance to the Hospital (opposite County Line Road). Laundry building is visible in left background. Mower2: Exterior View (left of entrance opposite County Line Road). The Knapsack Depot is the second building from the right. Mower3: Administration Building. Mower4: Parade Grounds & Administration Buildings. Mower5: Administration Buildings. Mower6: Quarters of the Surgeon in Charge. Mower7: Fire Brigade Drill. Mower8: Guard house and Lecture Room. Mower9: Water Tank. The only extant building of the hospital. Mower10: Parade Ground. Mower11: View from the Observatory (looking south). Mower12:	From the Observatory looking Southwest. Mower13: From the Observatory looking Southeast. Mower14: Cooking Department. Mower15: Cooking Department. Mower16: A Ward.  Mower17: General Office.  Mower18: Corridor.
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James Queen. Mower U. S. A. General Hospital, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. P. S. Duval & Son, 1865. Frontispiece to Rules and Special Orders of the Mower United States Army General Hospital at Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia (Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1865) W239 [Am1865 Mower 15730.D]

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