Mower General Hospital Views, Photographed by John Moran - Title Header and Image Map

5779.F.6e Parade Grounds & Administration Buildings [duplicate of P.8947.4]
5779.F.6k Parade Ground (with military troops) [duplicate of P.8947.10]
5779.F.6i Exterior View (left of entrance opp. County Line Rd) [duplicate of P.8947.2]
5779.F.14d General Office (stereograph) [duplicate of P.8464.24]
P.8464.24 General Office (stereograph)
P.8464.29 A Ward (stereograph)
P.8947.1. Entrance to the hospital (opp. County Line Rd)
P.8947.2 Exterior View (left of entrance opp. County Line Rd)
P.8947.3 Administration Building (distant view)
P.8897.4 Parade Grounds & Administration Buildings
P.8897.5 Administration Buildings (close-up)
P.8947.6 Quarters of the Surgeon in Charge
P.8947.7 Fire Brigade Drill
P.8947.8 Guard house and Lecture Room
P.8947.9 Water Tank
P.8947.10 Parade Ground (with military troops)
P.8947.11 View from the Observatory (looking south)
P.8947.12 From the Observatory looking Southwest
P.8947.13 From the Observatory looking Southeast
P.8947.14 Cooking Department (interior including staff)
P.8947.15 Cooking Department (interior)
P.8947.16 A Ward (including patients)
P.8947.17 General Office (including clerks)
P.8947.18 Corridor
P.8992.24 Administration Building (stereograph)

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