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Complete List of Authors, Firms, and Proprietors Represented in the Collection

Advertised Remedies Exposure Campaign
Alexander, C.W.
Alexander's Medicine Co.
Alpha Medical Institute
American Eye Salve Co.
American Pharmaceutical Association
American-Swiss Milk Product Co.
Angier's Petroleum Emulsion
Arlington Chemical Co.
Arthur Chemical Co.
Associated Fanciers
Asthmatics' Institute
Athlophoros Co.
Atlas Medicine Co.
Auburn Drug and Chemical Co.
Austen's Oswego Bitters
Ayer, J.C. & Co.
Baldwin, Edward L., Co.
Ballentine Homeopathic Remedy C.
Barclay & Co.
Barker, Moore & Mein Medicine Co.
Battle & Co.
Beecham's Pills
Belding, Dr., Medicine Co.
Béné, John G.
Billings Clapp & Co.
Binghamton Oil Refining Co.
Birley, Samuel
Black, T.A.
Blanchard, F.S.
Bland, T.A.
Bliss, Alonzo O.
Boericke & Tafel
Bovinine Co.
Bradfield Regulator Co.
Brandreth, Benjamin
Breaker Remedies Co.
Breitenbach, M.J. Co.
Briggs, Dr. Medicine Co.
Brinkerhoff, A.W.
Britton, George F.
Bromo Chemical Co.
Brown, John I. & Sons
Brown, Lyman
Brown Manufacturing Co.
Brown, William H.
Browne, Sarah E. A.
Bucklen, H.E. & Co.
Burdock's Blood Bitters
Burnett, Joseph & Co.
Bush, Arthur P.
California Catarrh Cure Co.
California Fig Syrup Co.
Capillary Chalice Company
Carpenter, G.W.
Carter Medicine Co.
Caswell, Mack & Co.
Centaur Co.
Chamberlain Medicine Co.
Chantry, Mrs. A.W.
Chase, Dr. Co.
Chattanooga Medicine Co.
Cheney, F.J. & Co.
Chicago Magnetic Shield Co.
Chichester Chemical Co.
Childs & Son.
Church Kidney Cure Co.
Clark, C.G. Co.
Clark, N.L. & Co.
Clarke, S.G.
Clearwater, Henry Pope
Collins, Samuel B.
Collom, William
Comstock & Co.
Confer, S.D.
Cook, T.A.
Crittenton, C.N.
Crosby, P.H.
Curtis, Jeremiah & Sons, and John Brown & Sons
Cushman, H.D.
Cushman's Drug Co.
Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor
Daniels, Dr. A.C.
Davis, C.E. & Sons
Davis, Emry, & Sons, Co.
Davis, Orin
Day, D.B. & Co.
Day Kidney Pad Co.
Dewey, D.B. & Co.
DeWitt, E.C. & Co.
Drake, P.H. & Co.
Drew, Mrs. Dr. & Co.
Dubbel, S.E
Dundas, Dick & Co.
Dye, D.J.H. Medical Institute
Earl, William
Edey, M.C. & Co.
Egyptian Drug Co.
Eisner & Mendelson Co.
Electric Pad Manufacturing Co.
Elmer, William and Albert D.
Emerson Drug Co.
Empire State Drug Co.
Emrick, B.F.
Evans, Charles M.
Excelsior Springs Co.
Fahrney, Dr. D. & Son
Fairchild, Bros. & Foster
Fairchild, H.L.
Farm & Fireside Co.
Farrar, I.
Feller, H.
Fellows & Company
Fenner, M.M.
Filkins, Dr. & Bros.
Fitch, Samuel Sheldon
Fletcher, John R.
Flower, R.C.
Flower, R.C., Medical Co.
Ford, N.I.
Foster, Milburn & Co.
Fowle, Seth W. & Son
Fowlers & Wells
Garbit, F.J.
Gardner Pine Needle Extract Co.
Gardner, Robert W.
German Electric Agency
Giant Oxie Co.
Gilbert, N.A.
Glass, E.R.
Goff, S.B.
Goldsmith, Ruth, Co.
Goode, Thos. F.
Graefenberg Company
Graydon, Thomas W.
Great American Herb Co.
Green, G.G.
Green, H.H.
Greene, F.E. & J.A.
Greene, R.
Grindle, Wesley
Groblevskis, V.
Guild, J.H.
Hahnemann Pharmacy
Hair, B.W.
Hall, R.P. & Co.
Hall & Ruckell
Hallock, D.C.
Hamilton, R.L.
Hance Brothers & White
Hand Medicine Co.
Harding, J.M. Mfg. Co.
Harris, J.N. & Co.
Harter, Dr., Medicine Co.
Hartman, S.B.
Hartshorn, E. & Sons
Harvey, G. F. Co.
Hay, Philo Specialties Co.
Hazeltine, E.T.
Health Depository
Heintzelmann, J.A.
Heller Chemical Co.
Henry, John F. & Co.
Henry, John F., Curran & Co.
Henry, Johnson & Lord
Henry, William B. & Co.
Herb Medicine Co.
Herrick, Dr. & Co.
Herrick, L.R.
Hetherington, J.E.
Hires Root Beer
Hoburg, William A.
Holman Liver Pad Co.
Home Supply Co.
Hood, C.I. & Co.
Hooker, W.H. & Co.
Hostetter & Smith
Howland, J.T.
Hul-Cee, Dr. H.J. & Sons
Humphreys' Homeopathic Medicine Co.
Humphreys' Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co.
Hunnewell, John L.
Hunt's Remedy Co.
Hutchins, H.
Hutchinson, Dr. F.S. & Co.
Huylar, E.P.
Ingalls Medical Co.
Irving Homeopathic Institute
Jackson, C.M., M.D. & Co.
Jayne, Dr. D. & Son
Jaynes & Co.
Jewett & Co.
Johnson, H. & Co.
Johnson, Holloway & Co.
Johnson, I.S. & Co.
Kaufmann, Carl Ernst
Kay, Dr. B.J. Medical Co.
Keasbey & Mattison Co.
Kendall, Dr. B.J. & Co.
Kennedy, David
Kennedy, Donald
Kidd, J.W. Co.
Kilmer, Dr. & Co.
King, Charles A.
Kinsman, F.W. & Co.
Kline, Prof. R.H.
Koenig Medicine Co.
Kohler Mfg. Co.
Kola Importing Co.
Kunkel & Bro.
Lambert Pharmacal Co.
Lauderbach, B.S. & Co.
Lawson Chemical Co.
Lee's Patent and Family Medicine Store
Leet, C.D.
Lewis & Co.
Lincoln Tea Co.
Littlefield & Co.
Lloyd Bros.
Londonderry Spring Water Co.
Lord, Loren B.
Luyties' Homeopathic Pharmacy
Lyon Manufacturing Co.
Magee, J.A. & Co.
Malena Co.
Maltine Co.
Maltine Manufacturing Co.
Manhattan Medicine Co.
Manhattan Therapeutic Co.
Mansfield Drug Co.
Mansfield, T. Hill
Marchiel Co., Dr. J.B.
Marsden's Preparations
Mathews, A.I. & Co.
McArthur Hypophosphite Co.
McDonald Drug Co.
McDonald, R.H. & Co.
McDougal, E.R.
McElree, R.L.
McFarland, Dr. N.
McIntosh, Dr., Natural Uterine Supporter Co.
McKesson & Robbins
McKinnie & Chessman Mfg. Co.
McLean, Dr. J.H. Medicine Co.
Medicated Tablet Co.
Mellier Drug Co.
Mellin's Food
Merchant's Gargling Oil
Merrell, Wm. S. Chemical Co.
Metcalf, Theodore & Co.
Meyer, A.C. & Co.
Micro-Audiophone Co.
Miles, Dr., Laboratories, Inc.
Miles, Dr. Medical Co.
Moffat, William B.
Moffat's Vegetable Life Pills
Moffett, Chas. J.
Morley Bros.
Morse, M.V.B.
Munyan's Homeopathic Home Remedies
Murray Hill Pub. Co.
Myers, Suter & Co.
Nafis & Cornish
National Remedy Co.
National Surgical Institute
Needham's Sons, D.
New York Medical University
New York Pharmaceutical Association
New York Pharmaceutical Company
New-England Botanic Depot
Nichols, Mary S. Gove
Niles, Prof. A.
Novita Co.
Od Chemical Co.
Oldshue, Drs.
Olmsted, Allen S.
Ordway, A.P. & Co.
Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Co.
Pabst Brewing Co.
Packer Mfg. Co.
Palisade Mfg. Co.
Palmer, E.R.
Palmer, Solon
Paracamph Co.
Pardee Medicine Co.
Paris Medicine Co.
Parke, Davis & Co.
Parke, Davis & Company
Parkee, Mme. Kate
Parr English Pad Co.
Peacock Chemical Co.
Peebles, Dr. J.M.
Pepsin Syrup Co.
Perry Davis & Son
Peruna Drug Manufacturing Co.
Peruvian Catarrh Cure Co.
Petzold, Louis & Co.
Phelps & Blaksley
Phelps' Rheumatic Elixir Co.
Phenique Chemical Co.
Pinkham, Lydia E. Medicine Company
Piso Company
Planten, H. & Son.
Pocono Biological Laboratories
Ponds Extract Co.
Potter Drug & Chemical Co.
Pourous Plaster Co.
Pozzoni, J.A. Co.
Pulvermacher Galvanic Co.
Quaker Herb Co.
Radam, William Microbe Killer Co.
Radway & Co.
Radway, Dr. & Co.
Ralph, Dr.
Ransom, D., Son & Co.
Redding & Co.
Reed and Carnrick
Reeves, J.H.
Resinol Chemical Co.
Rexall Pharmacal Co.
Reynolds, Drs. Specialists
Rice, Dr. W.S.
Richmond's Medical Laboratory
Ridenour & Coblentz
Rinehart, E.F.
Rio Chemical Co.
Robinson, R.W. & Son
Rose, C. Price
Roxbury Medical Co.
Rublee Brothers Druggists
Rudisch Co.
Rumford Chemical Works
Russell & Newbourg
Rust, William & Sons
Ryder, F.W. & Son
Sacket & Taber
Salva-Cea Co.
Sanche, Dr. Hercules & Co.
Sanden Electric Co.
Sands, A.B. & D.
Sanford, S.T.W. & Sons
Sawens, Dr. W., Medical Co.
Sawens, W. & Co.
Sawyer, D.A.P. Med. Co.
Sawyer, Dr. J.
Schenck, Dr. J.H. & Son
Schieffelin, W.H. & Co.
Schumaker, Jos. & Co.
Schwartz & Haskett
Scott & Bowne
Scovill, A.L. & Co.
Seabury and Johnson
Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Seth Arnold, Dr., Medicine Co.
Seward, Bentley & Cheney
Sharpsteen, Dr. H.
Sherman, J.A.
Shoop, Dr. Family Medicine Co.
Simmons, C.F. Medicine Co.
Sloane, Earl S.
Slocum, Dr. T.A.
Smith, B.A.
Smith, H.M, & Co.
Smith, J.F. & Co.
Smith, W.F. & Co,
Smith's Green Mountain Renovator
Solomon, James M.
Somerville Veterinary Med. Co.
Southern Electropoise Co.
Sovereign Remedy Co.
Spear, Jesse S.
Spiegel, Dr. M & Sons
Spiers, Alexander
Starkey & Palen, Drs.
Sterling Remedy Co.
Stevens, H.R.
Stiger, David M. & Co.
Stillman Remedies Co.
Stone & Hassell, Druggists
Stowe, Mrs. S.B.
Sultan Drug Co.
Superior Medicine Co.
Swaim, William
Sweet, Preston
Swett, Geo. W.
Taylor, Walter A.
Thall's Home Remedies Laboratory
Thayer, W.E. and W.P.
Theobroma Wine Co.
Thomas, J.H. & Co.
Tilden & Co.
Tomlinson, D. Dodge
Townsend, Dr. M.M.
Tucker, N.
Tutt, W.H.
U.S. Medical and Surgical Association
United States Medicine Company
United States Pharmacal Co.
Utopia Medical Co.
Valentine, Mann S.
Van Dusen Bros.
Van Kleek, P.
Van Vleck, Dr. Co.
Van Wert Chemical Co.
Vaughen, John
Victor Remedies Co.
Vogeler, Charles A.
Vogeler, Meyer & Co.
Von Graef Medical Co.
Wakefield, Dr. C. & Co.
Wallace & Co.
Ward and Eddy
Ward, Southerland & Co.
Warner, H.H. & Co.
Warner, Wm. R. & Co.
Waterman, R. Wm. & Co.
Watts & Dunham Co.
Weaver, S.A. & Co.
Wells, Richardson & Co.
Wells, S.C. & Co.
Wells, S.M.
Wetzlar, Leopold
Wheeler & Johnson
White, A.J.
Williams, Dr. Medicine Co.
Williams, John
Willis, Dr. W.L.
Wilson, Edward A.
Winkelman & Brown Drug Co.
Wolcott, R.L.
Wolfe, N.B.
Woodward, B.W.
Woodward, Orator F.
World's Dispensary Medical Association
World's Dispensary Printing Office and Bindery
Wyoming Medicine Co.
Young, Dr. & Bro.
Zeilin & Co.



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